Monday, January 12, 2009


Heavy downpour plus high tide occured during the weekend night at Belait District.Lucky for the office hours not working on that day as for me on shift pattern have to go to work.I have an exprienced that morning,the road to scot flooded by water thus i cannot reached to my work place.So decided to park my car at OGDC carpark as i seen the area lying a bit higher,so i call my workmate to fetch me using the SCOT pick up. When i reached to SCOT all the area badly submerged by water..opportunity for me to take some picture of the scenario and SCOT facilities..but before that i have to do some related documentation prior to take picture around the hydrocarbon area as our HSE policy.Many thanks for our AS,PIP and AA for issuing me the related documentation espeacially my workmate Hailmi for accompanying me hanging the gas tester around his neck as me hanging my gear on my neck..hehehe.Here some of the pictures taken..

Friday, January 9, 2009

High Tide @KB Town

Between Sutera Biru building and Riviera Hotel...

Riviera Cafe
Flooded along the road
Sentosa Hotel not so bad..

Sentosa Hotel Decoration...
BIDB building also affected
Riviera Hotel affected worst...

SMR Jetty..

KB goverment office of course not affected

Pandan Soon Lee Mega Mart at night..

Decoration for the chinese new year....